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To the grave and beyond

To Jeane Trend-Hill, cemeteries are not places of gloom and sadness. Rather, they’re full of life stories and architectural treasures – and she...


The mystery strolls

The Museum of Walking group has created a dynamic new open-air Clerkenwell theatrical experience – The Walking Cure by Andreas Brandt The Walking Cure is...


Right up my alley

Artist Caragh Thuring by her work A new community centre in Holborn is helping to change the way such spaces are seen. Holborn House, in Emerald Street, an...


Early morning muse

Brighton artist moved to paint Clerkenwell’s buildings by Oliver Bennett  ‘5:37AM’ by Tony Mills This painting of a building on St John Street EC1 – called...


Illustration Centre raising funds

Round windmill base from the early 18th century The Quentin Blake Centre for Illustration – due to be built in the New River Head buildings close to Amwell...


Noses are Red…

Clerkenwell clown Mattie Faint is seeking a museum for the country’s best archive of clowning Clerkenwell’s clown Mattie Faint getting into character (credit:...


Poetry in the park

A new poetry commission has just been unveiled at the City of London’s Moor Lane Community Garden. The poem, called A Portrait of You in a Garden, Now, was...

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