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Susan Hall critical of Night Czar

Tory mayoral candidate Susan Hall has said she is still “thinking about” whether to hire a Night Czar if she is elected, with just six days until Londoners go...


Hospitality music bounceback

London’s hospitality sector took in more cash last year than pre-pandemic levels, according to data hailed by Sadiq Khan as proof of the industry’s “phenomenal...


Income inequality in Islington

Chief executives of the 100 largest companies in the UK will have earned the yearly wage of the average Islington resident by 9am on Friday January 5, figures...


Enjoy the extra hour this weekend

London’s Night Czar, Amy Lamé, has called on the capital’s residents and visitors to use the extra hour gained by the clocks going back this weekend to enjoy...


In recovery

Trees, tourists, jobs and apps: Debbie Akehurst of the Central District Alliance talks about its plans for EC1 by Oliver Bennett Credit: Central District...


Waging a campaign

Islington employers come together to tackle low pay by Mariam Chaudhri Islington Town Hall (Credit: WikiCommons) Islington Council has joined together with...


Retail Therapy

EC1-based tech firm Appear Here is trying to fill the gaps in decimated shopping streets The death of the high street has been a subject of concern since well...

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