About us

Ec1 Echo

EC1 Echo is the Clerkenwell’s free community newspaper. Launched in 2019 in partnership with the Peel Institute, we are a not-for-profit publication that exists to hold authority to account and offer a platform enabling local people to highlight what matters to them.

EC1 Echo is made available to pick up for free at various locations in and around Clerkenwell. We are a not for profit organisation and if you would like to help support us please find out more about our membership scheme or consider purchasing an advertisement for your organisation.

You are also welcome to write for us about projects you are involved with, campaigns you are running, or events you are organising.

EC1 Echo is published by Social Spider Community Interest Company in partnership with the Peel Institute. Social Spider also publish north-east London newspapers Tottenham Community PressWaltham Forest Echo and Enfield Dispatch.

The team

Publisher: David Floyd
Editor: Oliver Bennett
Designer: Jonathan Duncan
Head of Advertising: Klaudia Kiss
Head of Operations: Paige Ballmi
Engagement Manager: Penny Dampier

Contact us

Call: 020 8521 7956
Email: ec1echo@peelinstitute.org.uk 
Facebook: EC1 Echo
Twitter: @ec1echo
Instagram: ec1echo


The following members of EC1 Echo support us with a regular donation: David Wilcox,  Daniel Winn,  Laurence Colchester,  Diana Alsobrook,  Sarah Falconer,  Tania Cohen, Brian Jones,  Veran Patel,  Katrina Fialko,  Mirela Popoveniuc,  Sarah Wood,  Stephanie Pietraszkiewicz,  Daron Pike,  Sam Harris,  David Plume,  Conor Harris,  Jessie Broadway,  Keith Baker,  Jennifer Worrall, Hugh Fell, Emma Booty


Ec1 Echo is a member of IMPRESS: The Independent Monitor of The Press. For more information on our complaints policy and how to make a complaint, click here.