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20mph limit devastates taxi trade

The roll-out of 20mph speed limits on main roads has had a “devastating” impact on London’s taxi trade, City Hall has been told.


Runners and riders

A summary of the runners and riders declared so far in this year's mayoral election.


London mayoral candidate Andreas Michli

An independent London mayoral candidate has pledged to abolish low traffic neighbourhoods, the congestion charge and the entire Ultra low emission zone (Ulez).


London mayoral candidate Rayhan Haque

A newly-declared independent candidate for Mayor of London has said he would establish monthly “car-free Sundays” in the city centre and make the capital “AI...


E-bike fires regulation

The rising number of fires caused by e-bikes and e-scooters in London has led a City Hall committee to urgently request tighter regulation from the Government.


Secondary school meals

Sadiq Khan’s deputy has confirmed that City Hall has no plans to introduce universal free lunches in London secondary schools - despite an “overwhelmingly...


Met police response times slammed

The average time taken by the Met Police to arrive on the scene of incidents like burglaries and road-traffic collisions has been slammed by a City Hall...


Labour block toilets at City Hall

A plan to create more public toilets at Tube and bus stations across the capital has been rejected by City Hall, despite most London Assembly members voting in...


Khan: No plan B for ULEZ expansion

City Hall has no financial plan for if it loses a legal challenge over its attempt to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), Sadiq Khan has confirmed.

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