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Critics attack pay-per-mile fake sign

A social media post from Tory London mayoral candidate Susan Hall, claiming that Sadiq Khan will charge motorists for every mile they drive, has been attacked...


Ulez vehicles to go to Ukraine

A number of vehicles handed over for destruction under London’s Ulez scrappage scheme will soon be sent to Ukraine, Sadiq Khan has announced.


Overground strike resolution

Sadiq Khan has said he is “hopeful” a resolution will be found to stop London Overground staff going on strike in February and March.


20mph limit devastates taxi trade

The roll-out of 20mph speed limits on main roads has had a “devastating” impact on London’s taxi trade, City Hall has been told.


Fare dodging “still too high”

Sadiq Khan has warned that fare dodging on the capital’s public transport is “still too high”, as he urged Londoners to report it to station staff when they...


Dial-a-ride issues raised

Concerns were raised at City Hall last week over the performance of Transport for London’s (TfL) Dial-a-Ride service.


‘Ghost marks’ on the Elizabeth Line

Transport for London (TfL) is exploring new ways of tackling spooky ‘ghost marks’ on the walls of the Elizabeth line’s platforms, Sadiq Khan has revealed.

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