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Creative Menopause Café workshops come to Islington

The InvisibleVisible project is a collaboration between photography, storytelling and textile art, created by participants who are approaching menopause, are perimenopausal or have experienced menopause.

A flyer with a photo of some textile art and the information about the workshops as detailed in the article below.

Join photographer Denise Baker, writer Nichola Charalambou, and textile artist Tisna Westerhof as they lead a series of five free interconnecting Creative Menopause Café workshops run over five terms in London libraries.

Project founder Denise Baker wanted to challenge the silence and the lack of knowledge, widen the conversation and offer other women of diverse backgrounds a safe space to share and discuss their unique experiences, and express these through art, allowing other women to learn from them.

The workshops will offer women the opportunity to learn new creative skills in photography, writing and textile art, in a supportive, empowering environment, while exploring their own stories and journeys related to menopause and growing older.

Attend as many workshops as you would like, no prior experience needed. Creative work will culminate in an exhibition in an art gallery.

These workshops are taking place all across London. The Islington ones are located at the Islington Local History Centre, Finsbury Library, 245 St John St, London EC1V 4NE

Islington Local History Centre Workshops:

(The first workshop took place in May)

Wed 31st July 2024
10am – 1pm
Who am I now? What does my life as a menopausal woman look like? Using photographs.

Wed 23rd October 2024
10am – 1pm
How we identify, specifically focusing on how we wish to tell our stories through photography, word and textile combinations.

Wed 5th Feb 2025
Wed 12th March 2025

10am – 1pm
Individual stories told through textile projects that will lead to a final exhibition.

Email [email protected] to ensure your space.

Find out more about the project here.

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