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15 flippin’ years of pancake tossing in the City! 

Leadenhall Market announces its annual pancake race 

A woman running through a crowd of people flipping a pancake
Photo courtesy of Leadenhall Market

The coveted Golden frying pan is up for grabs as the legendary Leadenhall Market pancake race returns to The City of London for its 15th year.  
Hosted by the world-renowned market’s 18th century pub – The Lamb Tavern – the annual tradition is set to take place on Tuesday 13th February at 12:30pm and will see teams of four compete for glory during a 20m flipping relay on the Victorian covered Market’s ancient cobblestones. 

The winning team will secure their place in Leadenhall history with their name inscribed on the Golden Frying Pan which is then displayed behind The Lamb’s bar for the remainder of the year. Winners can also look forward to a Lamb Tavern Hamper, while runners up in second place can earn themselves a £50 bar tab and third place will be awarded with a bottle of prosecco. And of course, all competitors can expect free pancakes. Losing teams will receive the consolation of one of The Lamb Tavern’s famous scotch eggs (cut into quarters!) 

A man running through a crowd of people flipping a pancake
Photo courtesy of Leadenhall Market

In recognition of Leadenhall Market’s iconic City status, participants are invited to don bowler hats, while Market personality Charlie from London City shoeshine will provide a running commentary of the much-loved annual event.   

To mark the event’s 15th anniversary, more pancakes than ever before will be on offer for spectators, with many delicious free pancakes – made by The Lamb’s Head Chef Sian – available to those cheering on from the side lines.    

Free to enter, teams of four people can take part and must register beforehand at, or by emailing [email protected].   

Leadenhall Market’s boutique retailers, bars, restaurants and cafes will also be open for the event, welcoming participants and spectators alike.     

For more information visit:       

Leadenhall Market is owned and managed by The City of London Corporation.      

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