News from The Peel: Festive Fun

The Peel ended the year with some Christmas celebrations for both the adult and youth members. Both had their own Christmas parties which are always loads of fun!

By Penny Dampier

A group of young people in front of a Christmas tree
Youth club members in front of the Christmas tree at The Peel. Photo: Penny Dampier

Yesterday the adults were entertained by children from St Peter and St Paul’s primary school. They came in to the centre to sing carols and give gifts, and then chatted to the Peel’s older members.

A group of young children singing to some older adults
Children from St Peter & St Paul’s primary school sing for the adult social club. Photo: Penny Dampier

The Youth Club Christmas party is always something the young people really look forward to. They had a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings including Christmas crackers. Then they received some fantastic presents, kindly donated by ELBA (East London Business Alliance).

A group of children sitting around a long table with Christmas decorations
The Youth Club getting ready for their Christmas meal. Photo: Penny Dampier

Here are a few more photos!

Two young girls with Christmas cracker hats on and Christmas dinners.
Youth club members enjoying their Christmas meal. Photo: Penny Dampier
Two young girls pulling a Christmas cracker and laughing
Pulling a cracker at the Youth Club Christmas party. Photo: Penny Dampier
Two older women with a Christmas dinner
Two of the adult members enjoying the festive fun! Photo: Penny Dampier
A woman in a santa hat and a man
Jeana, who cooked both the adults and the youth club’s Christmas lunches, and Rob, one of the volunteers. Photo: Sam Rossi
Two women with Christmas hats smiling
Two adult members at the adults’ Christmas party. Photo: Sam Rossi
People sitting round a Christmas table
Adult members at the Christmas party. Photos: Sam Rossi

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