Cycle Buddies service now available across London

Cycle Buddies service rolled out to cover all of London with over 800 buddies ready to ride with you…

Two women looking at a mobile phone, one with a bike and a cycling helmet on.

Do you want to cycle more confidently? Cycle Buddies is a free-of-charge, online service that connects new cyclists with people who already cycle – get started, meet up, build confidence cycling today!

Wherever you are in London, there’s a Buddy for you to cycle with near you. London Cycling Campaign’s Cycle Buddies ‘matchmaking’ service partnering experienced cyclists with those who are less confident is now available across London, with over 800 buddies now signed up, with profiles on the site.

Buddies are there for you to socially ride with and gain confidence. They’re there for regular social rides to make new cycling friends with, they’re there to help you plan then ride a route into work or the shops or gym, and they’re there to help you gain confidence cycling wherever.

LCC’s Cycle Buddies system lets you browse profiles of experienced cyclists, then send messages to those who suit what you want. Women (and indeed men) can choose to only be shown profiles of the same gender also.

The aim of Cycle Buddies is to help people who already have some cycling experience get out and ride, to help their confidence and ability beyond that taught from the free cycle training many London boroughs already provide.

Find out more here.

Quotes from Cycle Buddies service users

“I used to sit on the bus to work and watch all the people cycling and wish it was me. This year I finally had the time to fulfil my ambition to ride a bike – and I have Nick to cycle with me. We’ve done weeks of rides… I’m definitely getting stronger. I just want to cycle all the time,” Mina

“I was really shy when I met Tony in person, so I didn’t say hardly anything. Tony is very patient. He keeps it light-hearted so it doesn’t feel like it’s a chore or an appointment or anything like that. It’s just a regular cycling trip with your buddy, but at the same time he teaches you a lot… now I’m comfortable on the roads thanks to Tony, so I can ride to visit family in south London.” Mohamed

Quote from London Cycling Campaign

“Our Cycle Buddies programme has already matched over 600 new and less confident riders to their Buddies and resulted in not just hundreds of rides but also new friendships and more confident cyclists. London really is beginning to love cycling – and Cycle Buddies is there to help more people share the freedom, fun and simple efficiency of cycling, alongside all the other work

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