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Clerkenwell Community Photography Competition deadline extended!

Plenty of time to get your photos in. £850 in prizes to be won! Free to enter.

A poster using the shape of a camera shutter as the template to show a selection of 6 photos, with the wording - Clerkenwell Community Photography Competition 2024
Some of the entries we’ve had so far…

What’s your Clerkenwell? Music, family, friendship? Nature, street art, work? Inequality, gentrification, struggle? Faith, fun, hope?

Clerkenwell means so many different things to different people. We’re really excited to see what it means to you, and how you capture that in a photograph, or series of photographs.

The deadline to get your shots in has now been extended to Wednesday 24th July.

Enter here.


£100 prizes for the best single shot per age category for under 12s, 12-18 years-old, 19-34 years old, 35-65 years old, and over 65s.

£100 prize for the best series (set of up to 4 shots).

Overall winner (£100) and runner up (£50), selected from all age group category winners

£100 The Peel Spotlight Prize for men aged 18-25

From schoolchildren with smartphones to keen photographers with all the kit to older enthusiasts, we have five age categories:
Under 12s, 12-18s, 19-34, 35-65 and Over 65s.
( Plus Special ‘Men 18-25 Years Old’ group )

Absolutely no experience is needed as this is a fun, free-to-enter amateur competition.

Take your shots anywhere within the circle below. Please state the street when you upload your shot.

A circular map of Clerkenwell

Photos do not need to have been taken recently, as long as they are in Clerkenwell. You could also send in an archive image.

More info here.

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