News from The Peel: Black History Month

This October half term The Peel celebrated Black History Month with an intergenerational day.

A diverse group of people of all ages
Youth club and adult members get together for an intergenerational day. Photo: Penny Dampier

The  Youth Club used the skills they’ve been perfecting in Cooking Club to cook a Caribbean meal for the older Social Club members. Jerk chicken, pepper fish, jollof rice, fried plantain, brown stew chicken, mac ‘n’ cheese and sweet potato mash were just some of the culinary delights! There was also Djembe drum making, a Black Who’s Who and a look at the Black British Timeline.

A young adult male cooking something in a saucepan
A youth club member preparing food. Photo: Penny Dampier
3 older woman with home made djembe drums
Some of The Peel’s adult social club members making Djembe drums. Photo: Penny Dampier

To find out more about The Peel’s Youth Club and how your child can join, contact Jeana on [email protected] or 07919 447074

For more information on The Peel’s Adult Social Club contact Kimberley on [email protected] or 07535975244

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