London’s perfect Christmas dinner revealed

As the big day approaches, many will be starting to think about what their Christmas will entail.

By Jeūanita Swaby

A plate of roast turkey, roast potatoes, stuffing and vegetables
The traditional Christmas dinner

As the big day approaches, many will be starting to think about what their Christmas will entail. A recent study by Currys asked Brits to share the essential components of their Christmas dinner. 

The study revealed that in London, residents seem to be battling with a poultry dilemma, unable to reach a unanimous decision on the preferred meat option to accompany their dinner. 45% of residents in London lean towards to traditional choice of turkey, while 23% prefer roast chicken, 22% roast beef, 14% roast lamb, 13% gammon, and 12% roast pork, leaving only 9% opting for duck.

When it came to the trimmings, the top three choices for trimmings were roast potatoes, which garnered 25% of the votes, followed by pigs in blankets 14% and brussel sprouts 7%.

London residents said 35% will be adding gravy to their Christmas dinner, 27% will include a dash of cranberry sauce, and 13% plan to add mint sauce to their plates.

How does this compare to the rest of the UK? 

The study found that for the UK, as a whole, the traditional roast Turkey still reigns as the favourite Christmas centrepiece with over half (54%) of respondents claiming this is the main that will be featuring on the most dinner plate’s this festive season. Following far behind in joint second place, 22% of Brits opt for roast beef or roast chicken as their Christmas plate main instead.   

When it comes to the Christmas trimmings, the humble potato takes the lead with nearly a quarter (24%) of all respondents saying roast potatoes are a non-negotiable at Christmas. These are followed by pigs in blankets (20%) while, perhaps unexpectedly, Brussels sprouts came third as the most anticipated trimming by 1 in 10 Brits.   

As for condiments, the classic complimentary sauce for turkey will still feature on the plate for the majority with 28% choosing cranberry sauce, however 16% will be having mint sauce instead, despite roast lamb not being named as a top meat choice.  

Surprisingly though for what is essentially a British roast, only 44% of respondents said they will be having gravy with their meal, meaning over half will be eating their Christmas dinner without this roast meal staple. 

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