Faster broadband for Bunhill and Clerkenwell

Faster broadband is on the cards for council homes as a digital roll-out gets underway.

By Julia Gregory, Local Democracy Reporter

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Image: Pixabay

Companies have been surveying council estates in Bunhill and Clerkenwell wards and plan to start installing broadband in February at the start of a three-year project to speed up internet connections.

In July 2021, the council agreed that work should get underway for faster, more reliable and affordable internet connectivity”  in its 36,000 council  homes.

The decision came at a time when the coronavirus lockdowns meant more people were working from home, increasing the need for efficient broadband for residents.

The council awarded two contracts to internet companies last autumn to roll out faster broadband in 90 per cent of its estates, including community centres and concierge offices.

Councillors on the housing scrutiny committee will get an update on the  project. (Thursday February 2nd)

The council said the rollout should mean more homes get high speed internet, not just those seen as most profitable by companies.

Contracts also aim to protect buildings and estates from disruption or damage.

The Islington Broadband project also aims to get connections into community centres on estates, so people do not have to travel to find internet connections.

People will also be offered digital training and apprenticeships.

There will be discounts for those who are digitally excluded and suffering financially to help them get online.

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