Meet me on the Green

900 years in the heart of Clerkenwell. Last few weeks to catch the Clerkenwell Green exhibition at the Islington Museum.

By Penny Dampier

Prints of painted murals on a wall.
Images of the Clerkenwell Green murals painted by local children adorn the walls of the exhibition. Photo: Penny Dampier

If you haven’t already popped into the Islington Museum to see the Clerkenwell Green exhibition, then you really should! It’s been on since last summer, and will end soon, when the museum closes for refurbishment.

In the exhibition you can find out about the many-layered history of the Green, from hidden waterways, radical protests and its place as a centre for entertainment and spectacle.

The walls are adorned with images of the mural painted by local schoolchildren, which recently appeared on hoardings on the Green.

A handwritten postcard depicting a protest banner
One of the handwritten cards which visitors are encouraged to take home. Photo: Penny Dampier

Another great feature are the handwritten cards by local children in years 4 and 5 who responded to the Clerkenwell Green Handling Collection. Visitors are encouraged to take a card home with them!

Islington Museum is located beneath Finsbury Library, 245 St John St, London EC1V 4NB. Admission is free.

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