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Maxine Peake brings history to life

As part of the ongoing ‘Reds on the Green’ series, this Thursday 13th June, actor Maxine Peake comes to Clerkenwell to take part in this exciting event about the Peasants Revolt.

A woman with blonde curly hair and glasses speaking in front of a red banner
Maxine Peake, actor & MML Vice President speaking at the MML in 2023. (Copyright Karl Weiss)

This event will look at the momentous events of 1381 – when over 60,000 land-workers rebelled against a new poll tax. Hear about Wat Tyler and the peasant army in Clerkenwell in a Q&A with historian James Crossley, author of the essential history of the Revolt, ‘Spectres of John Ball’.

This momentous piece of history will be brought to life with readings by actor and MML Vice-president, Maxine Peake.

Free, just turn up, no need to book!

Thursday 13 June, 6.30pm-8.00pm at the Museum of the Order of Saint John, St John’s Gate, 26 St John’s Ln, London EC1M 4DA

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