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New choir rises from ashes of defunded LSO Community Choir

A new community choir has formed in a King Square church

By Oliver Bennett

A choir stands in a hall
The new choir of St Clements Church

A new choir at the church of St Clement’s at King Square has been formed from the ashes of the old LSO Community Choir. The group, which was discontinued by the LSO last year, had been started by television personality and choirmaster Gareth Malone and performed widely. Its 120 members were left bereft when the LSO withdrew its funding.

Stuart Midson, who has been with the choir for 15 years, says that the new choir has been a lifeline for the members. “The LSO Community Choir was very important to us,” he says. “After that experience I didn’t believe we had the heart to form a new choir.” 

But following talks with choir members, a working group including Milan Stamenkovic and Kim Caplin made the commitment to form a new choir. The venue at St Clement’s was found and at least 50 members of the old choir joined up. “It was great because we’d missed the old choir terribly and wanted it back,” says Midson. “It had been a great resource. Now we hope that despite the problems with the LSO, it can be resuscitated for the benefit of the community.” 

The St Clements Community Choir has just performed their first Easter concert and is now open to new members. If you’re curious about singing you can simply turn up for a free taster session at St Clement’s King Square at 7pm on 17th April, or get in touch on newlondonchoir@ yahoo.com. You don’t need choir experience or to be able to read music.

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