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The publishing house Faber moves to Hatton Garden

By EC1 Echo

A photo or the Bindery
The Bindery. Photo: Penny Dampier

The publishing house Faber is moving its premises to The Bindery in Hatton Garden this spring. Previously in London’s traditional book publishing centre of Bloomsbury, its new Clerkenwell location will be its fourth home in its history.

Sometimes known by the full title Faber and Faber, the publishing house has long been a poetry specialist. TS Eliot was an editor and director at Faber, and the publishing house has hosted several other Nobel Laureates from Harold Pinter to Samuel Beckett, Derek Walcott, Seamus Heaney to Orhan Pamuk. More recently, Jarvis Cocker has been an editor-at-large and it benefited from royalties brought in by the hugely successful Andrew Lloyd Webber musical Cats, based on TS Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats of 1939.

It also hosts The Faber Academy, a school with creative writing courses. Two scholarships are offered each year, with a focus on underrepresented groups. The Bindery, launched last year and hosted the second Clerkenwell Photography Competition, in conjunction with The Peel and EC1 Echo. On the site of an old book-binding business, hence its name, The Bindery is close to the City of London’s historic churches featured in TS Eliot’s epic poem, The Waste Land. It has a garden designed by landscape designer Andy Sturgeon, zero-carbon technology and charging points for electric bikes and scooters.

This article is from the February/March 2023 edition of Ec1 Echo. Click here to download your copy.

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