Hardship fund deadline extended again for low paid Islington renters

Islington low paid renters can still apply for £250

By Julia Gregory, Local Democracy Reporter

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A £1m hardship fund designed to help low paid renters who do not get benefits but are struggling has seen its deadline extended.

Islington council launched its fund in March and had to extend its initial month-long deadline to attract more applicants.

The deadline was put back to the end of May and has now been put back to the end of June so the council can give away all the money it has set aside for the fund.

Designed to help renters who are working but do not get housing benefit or universal credit it is aimed at those with a combined household income or £50,000 or less and up to £5,000 savings.

According to the council’s estimates 27,000 households are struggling and get a 95% discount on their council tax.

It is also recording 5% rent arrears amongst its own housing tenants who may be hit hard by the cost of living crisis.

Applicants need to supply a pay slip, details of rent and information about their savings.

One-off payments of up to £250 will be paid directly into people’s bank accounts.

Applications can be made by visiting the special page at the council’s website.

They can get help with their application by contacting Here to Help on 0207 527 8222 or emailng [email protected]

They can also visit the council’s 222 Upper Street office if they need help scanning documents or email [email protected].

The council will let people know its decision by email or post and money will be paid to successful applicants’ bank accounts.

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