Mosaic movements

It’s time to get your gardening gloves on at St Luke’s

The St Luke’s Community Centre in Central Street EC1 has launched a ‘Mosaic Trail’: a self-guided walk around its Edible Yard marked with handmade mosaic tiles. A map will help guide visitors around the yard, which has large, raised beds with edible plants, greenhouses, sheds, a wormery, a wildlife patch and a pizza oven, as well as five loud hens.

“Spring is the perfect time to come to our Edible Yard with the kids and see how the garden is coming to life,” says St Luke’s community gardening manager Poppy Fishman. “Our Mosaic Trail guides you past the pizza oven and pergola, through the herbs and salads, to our vegetables and soft fruits and round to our hen house, composting and greenhouse. This area has been brought to life by our volunteers and we’d love the EC1 community to enjoy it and the health benefits of gardening.”

“This has been such an exciting project to work on,” says Tessa Hunkin from Hackney Mosaic Project. “We started off putting mosaic tiles on the pizza oven, and the idea then came for mosaic insects. They add another dimension to the growing areas and are easy to follow so we hope it encourages more locals to use this hidden urban oasis.”

Lifetime membership costs £5 and registration is free for anyone under 18 years of age whose parent/ carer is also registering.

For more information: Visit slpt.org.uk/gardening-activities

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